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The Historical


                 of Frankford

                      and Museum


•Monthly lectures March-June and September-December 

•Museum open to public by appointment

•Library reference and research services

The Historical Society of Frankford collects, preserves and presents the history of Frankford and vicinity. The Society documents and interprets the history of the people, places, events, and traditions of this area and serves as an advocate for the preservation of the region’s historic resources. Through its collections and programs, the HSoF provides opportunities for its members, the surrounding community, and the general public to explore and appreciate the history of Frankford and its place in the world.

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The Historical Society of Frankford is happy to announce that we have returned to in-person lectures. Masks are optional and we have also resumed serving refreshments. Y'all come!

Note that we will continue to stream our live meetings in real time for those unable to attend in person.

Upcoming Lectures

"Charity, Change, and Community: Frankford’s Swedenborgians and Their Circle, 1817-1971"

Gail McCormick, MA, MLS, retired history librarian/archivist and current member of The Historical Society of Frankford board, will present an overview of her decades-long research on Frankford from the perspective of the local New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian) church. Founded in 1817 as a “Free-Will Baptist” society, the congregation developed deep roots in Frankford but also was engaged, and often influential, in many city-wide and national issues. Its members made their mark not only on religious affairs but also on local business and industry; art, literature, and music; science and medicine; social and political reform; and even communication technology. The first volume of McCormick’s book will be available for purchase, and a related exhibit will open in The Historical Society of Frankford’s gallery that evening. 

1507 Orthodox Street

Philadelphia, PA


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For videos of past programs click 

Parking is available in the lot across the street thanks to Frankford Friends.

For more information on events see our Facebook page by following the link in our contact section below. 

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