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The Historical Society of Frankford collects, preserves and presents the history of Frankford and vicinity. The Society documents and interprets the history of the people, places, events, and traditions of this area and serves as an advocate for the preservation of the region’s historic resources. Through its collections and programs, the HSoF provides opportunities for its members, the surrounding community, and the general public to explore and appreciate the history of Frankford and its place in the world.

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The Historical Society of Frankford is currently closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Events listed are virtual/streamed events. We look forward to the return of our in house activities and hope all our members and friends stay safe in the interim.


A Womens' Month Tribute to Mabel Corson
Speaker: Jerry Kolankiewicz

Our president Jerry will revisit a lecture given in 1929 by Mabel Corson of the Society, in which she discussed the first Presbyterian church in Frankford, the immediate surrounding neighborhood, and the towering elms that once stood in front of the building.


Frankford During the Colonial and Revolutionary Times
Speaker: Jerry Kolankiewicz

Our president Jerry will present a reading of an original manuscript from the 1930's written by Horace Castor.


A History of Frankford Arsenal   
Speaker: John Buffington

John will present the history of Frankford Arsenal, a National Historic Register site, from the near-disaster of American military inadequacy during the War of 1812 through base closure in 1971 and privatization in 1977, to current status, threats and opportunities.


To Be Determined

Suggestions for future programs can be submitted on our contact form below.

Fall 2020 Lectures


Dark Run University- a presentation of papers read from 1951 on Facebook Live
Speaker: Vanessa Couvreur

In June we presented our first ever virtual lecture via Facebook Live with a piece entitled "Swimmin' Holes I know". In that paper, writer W. Hepworth mentions Dark Run University saying, "It ain’t any college- Just where the gang spends a lotta time an has plenty of fun". In this follow up piece we'll explore what Dark Run University was in the 1890's and the area around it.



A Park Lost and Found

Speaker: Fred Prescott

Join us for the Historical Society of Frankford’s next live streaming event on Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM, when board member Fred Prescott will discuss the history of Wistar Park, the first official ballfield in this part of town.  Fred’s lecture will be drawn from our archival resources but will also be flavored by his own personal recollections of growing up in Frankford.  The growth and development of amateur and semi-professional sports locally will be shown in the context of the rise of professional sports leagues throughout the United States in the years following the Civil War.  And learn the story of the found lost park.



The Frankford Camera Club


Hosts: Susan and Vanessa Couvreur

Our November presentation will be a slideshow of images from the Frankford Camera Club with some brief tidbits of history on the club. This will be a great presentation to interact with, so post comments, start a conversation in the comments, and ask any questions. We also have a list of the club members so stick around until the end to see if there are any names you recognize! Hosted by Susan (who curated our current Camera Club exhibit in our building) and Vanessa.



The Holmesburg Prison Murders

by Allen Hornblum

Philadelphia author Allen Hornblum presents his most recent book about the story of Holmesburg Prison inmates who were baked alive in their punishment cells in 1938. While this is a rather somber topic, we will certainly lighten the mood after the main presentation with some lovely memories of the year that has passed and will attempt to virtually recreate some of the holiday cheer of our traditional December presentations with some music and a collection of photos.

Parking is available in the lot across the street thanks to Frankford Friends.

For more information on events see our Facebook page by following the link in our contact section below.