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Research Policy

Research requests may be submitted via our website with the purchase of a “research request” in our online store. Please be sure to note what topics/information you are seeking in the “notes” section of the purchase. Research requests can also be submitted by mail to P.O. Box 4888, Philadelphia, PA 19124 with a check payable to The Historical Society of Frankford. If you are unsure if a research request is appropriate for you, ask us         if your question is within the scope of our archives.


Your completed request will be forwarded to one of our library/research volunteers who will contact you within three weeks regarding any additional information about your request. Initial fee is $50 and includes 2 hours of research and up to 20 black and white photocopies of relevant materials. If further information is available and you would like more research done, the subsequent fee is $25/hour with an additional 10 photocopies per hour. We will make every effort to inform you of how much material is available for research of the requested topic so you can decide how many hours you would like us to devote. Citations will also be provided.


Self driven (closed stack) research may be requested and is subject to approval of the Librarian. Experience handling historic materials may be required. A Board of Directors member and/or the Librarian must be present for all self driven research. Cost is $25/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Photocopies in black and white of relevant material are free up to 10 per hour of research. 

Members receive a 25% discount on all research and students under 25 with valid ID are free for on site research (donation suggested). 

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